Materials I Use For My Jewelry…


Used to make jewellery from the ancient times. I love its color, shine, comfortable treatment and many possibilities of surface modifications. Silver is stable in the fresh air. It oxidizes through influence of strong vapours in polluted air. Pure silver is harder than gold. The fineness of silver indicates its purity. I use the purest silver 925/1000. My jewels are properly hallmarked.

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Stainless steel

Hypoallergenic material, suitable for those who are metal-intolerant. It does not corrode, that is why it is often used in health care, for example to create joint-implants

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Beautiful, hypoallergenic and very hard material that enables many surface modifications. It is extremely resistant to corrosion, even in salt water. It is used in space technologies and special applications in air industry. Suitable for those allergic to metals and greedy to fly!

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There are several types of gold, a yellow one, pink one and others. It can be 14ct or 18ct. I make my products from the highest quality gold. It has beautiful color and is heavier than silver. Gilded jewels have the same properties as the gold ones. My products are properly hallmarked.

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Synthetic materials

They are very resistant to meteorological changes. Most of them endure temperatures from -25 °C to +120 °C. Some do not like UV radiation very much. Each piece of my jewellery contains exact information about the material used and its specifics, i.e. about what it likes and dislikes.

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