Anifilm Awards

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Anifilm Awards


Anifilm 04, International Festival of Animated Films 3.—8. 5. 2013, Třeboň, Czech Republic Awards for the winners of the International Festival of Animated Films Anifilm 04.

The assignment from Anifilm creators and the main motto of the awards was “Animated World In a Bottle”. This idea came up in connection with a lake named World near Třeboň. We have chosen to work with a drop of water – each one is as unique as the individual award winner. Our aim was to reflect in the awards the feeling of overflowing water changing its shape. And really, when the award is rotating, it changes its shape and starts to be as “liquid” as a drop of water. Clear water seems to be the most beautiful form of water to us, therefore we decided to blow up the awards from crystal glass in cooperation with the Lasvit glass company. Inside there is a colourfull and playfull world full of different shapes from this year´s visual style made by graphic designers of Lomeno studio. The inside is every year filled with different shapes, depending on each year´s visual style. In our view, the awards should not be placed on the shelves only, but be revived from time to time, and we hope they will! Use of the awards were for 5 years.

Collaboration: Zbyněk Krulich